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 HDA Rules

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PostSubject: HDA Rules   HDA Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 28, 2010 10:04 pm


1 - Leave personal drama out of the forum. Debates and discussions are allowed, but don't get to insulting each other. Breaking up arguments is not the job of Moderators or Administrators - DO NOT make anyone waste time breaking up your fights. The term is "moderator", not "mediator". DO NOT bring up your issues publicly on this forum (as in, don't threaten to harm yourself or others, do not glorify eating disorders, etc.) If an argument ensues and you are asked to drop the issue and fight through PMs or messaging programs where we can't see you, and you do not comply, the topic WILL BE CLOSED and you will be banned.

2 - Do NOT harass newbies (new users). Everyone was new at some point. If you think someone is acting stupid, point them to a set of rules, explain to them that what they're doing is wrong, or REPORT IT! n00bs are subject to harassment by veteran members. smile

3 - Don't complain about the moderators or the administrator here or anywhere on the forum. If you want to whine, keep it on your personal e-mails or messaging accounts (I don't mean PMs).

4 - Please do not ask people for personal information such as address, phone number, etc. Be smart, people, we want the forum to be a safe place.

5 - Please make an effort to keep your threads posted in the correct topic. They exist for a reason. Off topic posts will be considered spam (see rule 7).

6 - Stay active. If you have less than one post or havent bn active in the past 30 days then your account will be deleted automaitcally unless you have a logical reason for not being active...

7 - Do not put up spam posts, such as repeated posts, "..........", or bumps (in relation to bumping: if the thread is not on the first page of a section, don't post in it. That's a bump) As mentioned, do not post offtopic, random, or redundant posts. Do not double post. This is also spam. Here is also a definition about SPAM: Freakishly short Posts ,Pointless Posts not relating to topic, Re-ask same question (not check other pages on topic), and Conversational Posts.

8 - Do not text duel on this forum.

9 - We don't generally care if you swear or cuss, but if it becomes excessive a moderator will speak to you about it. Also, DO NOT use ethnic or racial slurs, they are offensive and inappropriate. Any threats made to ANYONE will also be dealt with harshly.

10 - We do not care about most adult oriented things such as ecchi but no excessively adult oriented things such as pornography


When you obtain 3 points, you will be banned for 1 day.
When you obtain 6 points, you will be banned for 3 days.
When you obtain 8 points, you will be banned for a week.
When you obtain 10 points, you will be banned PERMANENTLY.

Double Posting: 1 point
Spamming: 2 points
Pornographic material: 10 points + IP BAN
Backseat Moderating: 3 points
Flaming: 5 points
Illegal Material: 10 points + IP BAN
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HDA Rules
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